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What Are the Main Materials for Screen Printing?

Mar. 20, 2020

As you know, screen printing is also known as orifice printing. The formation of the orifice depends on the opening of the screen. The screen is the basis of screen printing.

With the increase in the variety of screen printing, screen materials and screen types are also increasing.Screen performance affects the quality of screen printing, such as screen material, mesh number, degree of opening, opening rate on screen printing ink transfer has a great impact. But do you know what the main screen printing materials are?

Polyester printing mesh supplier to share with you:

There are three main types of screen printing materials, which are: silk mesh, nylon mesh, polyester mesh , stainless steel mesh.

First. Silk screen is also called silk net, silk screen, woven from natural silk, the earliest screen printing materials

Advantages: water resistance, with a certain degree of moisture absorption, tension network operation is simple, and photosensitive adhesive has a good combination,

Shortcomings: wear-resisting chemical resistance is poor, easy aging brittle, tension is small, resistance to printing force is not strong, high cost.

Less available, has been replaced by synthetic fiber.

Second. Nylon mesh also known as polyamide silk screen, is a single silk fabric, woven after the heat resistance, dimensional stability treatment.Plain weave up to 380 mesh, twill weave up to 330 mesh.

Features: smooth surface, good ink transmittance, you can use the viscosity of large particles large ink to get fine printing patterns. Fine mesh mesh woven with fine mesh wire is suitable for fine pattern printing. Tensile strength, nodular fastness, good elastic wear resistance, long life. Acid - resistant chemicals, organic solvent - resistant, easy to reuse, especially alkali resistance.

Pay attention to the problem: Compared with polyester wire mesh, the elongation of polyester bolt cloth is larger. When stretching the net, pay attention to increase the tension of the net, and at the same time, the shrinkage force will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to use a strong screen frame and a net drawing machine. Low heat resistance. It is not resistant to strong acid and formic acid, and it is slightly affected by ultraviolet rays. Please keep it away from light.

Third. Polyester mesh, which has the characteristics of small drawing depth and strong elasticity. Single-wire screen is suitable for printing integrated circuits, post-mold semiconductors, and can be supervised and printed. Tensile strength, structural strength, resilience, and printing resistance are all good. It has sufficient chemical resistance, especially acid and organic solvent resistance, and it is as renewable as nylon mesh.

Low hygroscopicity, hardly affected by moisture, heat resistance is higher than nylon, and less affected by ultraviolet rays.

"Eye count" is the unit of specification of the wire mesh, and refers to how many holes there are in a length of 1 inch (25.4 mm). Millimeters are a simple unit of length.

Due to the corresponding technical standards for wire mesh production, wire meshes with different mesh sizes have prescribed wire diameters. Polyester net is a special net for printing. The tension of the net is balanced and the mesh has clear printing effect.

Nylon Mesh

Nylon Mesh

After so many years of development, screen printing technology has been gradually mature, due to its wide range of printing, for many years has been the enthusiasm of the majority of users!

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