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Screen Printing Mesh



High Tension Polyester screen printing mesh

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Material100% polyester monofilament yarn
Weave TypePW 1:1
Mesh Count18 ~ 460 mesh/inch 7T~180T mesh/cm
Colorwhite and yellow
Width50 cm ~ 370 cm
Stock2000 ~ 10000 meters each of commonly used specifications
FeaturesHigh Tension and Low Elongation, Very good dimensional stability and excellent tear resistance

Screen Printing Mesh Application: Silk screen printing, T-shirt printing, textile printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, graphic

printing, fabric printing, flatbed printing, PCB printing, CD/DVD printing, carpet printing, etc.

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100% Monofilament Polyester Mesh (Screen Printing Mesh)
SpecificationWeavingColorMesh  CountMesh  CountThread DiameterApertureOpen AreaThicknessTheoretic Ink Volume

PET 8T-300PW 1:1W82030094157594338
PET 10T-200PW 1:1W102520079263396250
PET 10T-250PW 1:1W102525074355495274
PET 12T-150PW 1:1W123015067766297197
PET 12T-250PW 1:1W123025057848495239
PET 14T-200PW 1:1W143620048950340169
PET 16T-140PW 1:1W164014046158238139
PET 16T-200PW 1:1W164020040444340151
PET 18T-170PW 1:1W184517036646289133
PET 20T-80PW 1:1W2050803996913693
PET 20T-100PW 1:1W205010038062170105
PET 20T-150PW 1:1W205015033347255120
PET 20T-180PW 1:1W205018030439306120
PET 21T-140PW 1:1W215414031948238114
PET 24T-100PW 1:1W24601003015617095
PET 24T-120PW 1:1W24601202824920499
PET 24T-140PW 1:1W246014026342238100
PET 24T-150PW 1:1W246015025339255100
PET 30T-120PW 1:1W30761202033920480
PET 32T-64PW 1:1W3280642366110967
PET 32T-80PW 1:1W3280802215313673
PET 32T-100PW 1:1W32801002024417075
PET 32T-120PW 1:1W32801201833620474
PET 34T-100PW 1:1W34861001844217071
PET 36T-90PW 1:1W3690901784415367
PET 36T-100PW 1:1W36901001693917066
PET 39T-55PW 1:1W399955191609456
PET 39T-64PW 1:1W3999641835410959
PET 39T-80PW 1:1W3999801684513662
PET 39T-100PW 1:1W39991001493517060
PET 43T-64PW 1:1W43110641605110955
PET 43T-80PW 1:1W43110801454113656
PET 47T-55PW 1:1W4712055150539450
PET 47T-64PW 1:1W47120641414710951
PET 48T-70PW 1:1W47122701364311951
PET 51T-70PW 1:1W51130701203911947
PET 53T-55PW 1:1W/Y5313555127489445
PET 53T-64PW 1:1W/Y53135641184210945
PET 53T-70PW 1:1W/Y53135701133811945
PET 56T-55PW 1:1W/Y5614255117459442
PET 56T-64PW 1:1W/Y56142641093810941
PET 59T-55PW 1:1W/Y5915055109429440
PET 59T-64PW 1:1W/Y59150641003610939
PET 61T-55PW 1:1W/Y6115555103419438
PET 61T-64PW 1:1W/Y6115564953410937
PET 64T-55PW 1:1W/Y641635596399436
PET 64T-64PW 1:1W/Y6416364883210935
PET 68T-55PW 1:1W/Y681735587369434
PET 68T-64PW 1:1W/Y6817364792910932
PET 72T-48PW 1:1W/Y721834886408232
PET 72T-55PW 1:1W/Y721835580349431
PET 77T-48PW 1:1W/Y771954878378230
PET 77T-55PW 1:1W/Y771955571319429
PET 80T-48PW 1:1W/Y802004873358229
PET 80T-55PW 1:1W/Y802005567299427
PET 90T-40PW 1:1W/Y902304068386826
PET 90T-48PW 1:1W/Y902304860308224
PET 100T-40PW 1:1W/Y1002504051336822
PET 110T-40PW 1:1W/Y1102804043296820
PET 120T-31PW 1:1W/Y1203053144355318
PET 120T-34PW 1:1W/Y1203003442305817
PET 120T-40PW 1:1W/Y1203004037226815
PET 130T-34PW 1:1W/Y1303303436275816
PET 140T-31PW 1:1W/Y1403503134265314
PET 140T-34PW 1:1W/Y1403503432215812
PET 150T-31PW 1:1W/Y1503803130235311
PET 150T-34PW 1:1W/Y150380342813587
PET 165T-27PW 1:1W/Y165420272924469
PET 165T-31PW 1:1W/Y165420312515538
PET 180T-27PW 1:1W/Y180460272416467