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Do You Know Nylon Mesh?

Dec. 25, 2019

Nylon mesh is mainly made by P.P fiber textile molding. Acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance. Low resistance, can be cleaned repeatedly, and the economy is extremely high. The captured long and short fibers and dust particles are easy to clean, and the filtration efficiency is not affected by cleaning. Good impact resistance.

Material composition

1. The filter material is black nylon mesh made of PP material.

2, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

3. It can be cleaned repeatedly, and the filtration efficiency is not affected.

4. Generally designed as double-layer nylon mesh and iron wire support structure.

5. The outer frame can be designed as galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame.

Nylon mesh supplier introduces its uses:

Nylon filters are used in refrigeration and air-conditioning products and equipment, air cleaners and air purification treatment equipment and engineering dust-proof primary filtering.

Performance characteristics:

Imported polyamide monofilament fiber woven filter material, wear-resistant, high strength, long service life, good comprehensive effect.

High dust collection rate, low initial resistance, strong dustproof performance, can be repeatedly cleaned and used. The ultra-thin aluminum alloy profile frame can be made into groups with handles interconnected for easy and safe replacement.

Applications: Office building, conference room, hospital, shopping mall, stadium, airport and other large civil building ventilation system; general factory centralized ventilation and air conditioning system; nylon mesh for flour milling, clean room centralized ventilation and air conditioning system Primary filtration

Let's take a closer look at the operation methods and precautions of each process.

At present, there are many types of screens on the market, such as silk screens, filtration nylon mesh, polyester screens, and metal screens. Generally, from the perspective of cost and applicability, nylon screens are the most commonly used in the market. Kind of wire mesh.

Nylon Mesh Features:

Nylon mesh has smooth surface, good ink permeability, softness, large elasticity, strong adaptability, good tensile strength, elasticity and friction resistance, nodular fastness, long service life, acid resistance, chemical resistance and organic solvents It has many characteristics such as excellent performance, so it is favored by fine printing. It is widely used in fine line drawing patterns and halftone dot printing.

Notes for use:

In addition to the above advantages, nylon mesh also has some disadvantages, such as large elongation and low heat resistance. Therefore, when using nylon mesh, pay attention to the following points:

Because of the large elongation of nylon mesh, it is required to use a strong screen frame and stretcher when printing;

For the shortcomings of low heat resistance of nylon mesh, do not use hot melt to fix the mesh when printing;

Ultraviolet rays will also cause some effects on nylon mesh, so care should be taken to avoid light when storing nylon mesh or its corresponding screen.

Do You Know Nylon Mesh

Nylon Mesh