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Method to Avoid Stem Resistance of Stainless Steel Screen

Mar. 13, 2020

How to avoid the obstruction of the mesh of stainless steel screen mesh? When the nutrient content in the filtration background is greater than 5 percent, if there is no condition to dry the material, select the dry surface of the stainless steel screen mesh and sieve. When the nutrients are greater than 8 percent, wet screening should be used. For materials with a large number of flaky particles, it is necessary to change the material crushing method and the particle size allocation of different crushing method processes. Because most of the material particles that need to be sieved are irregular, the causes of obstruction are also multiple. Stainless steel wire mesh supplier introduce to you:

When the particle size of the material is finer, the mud content is more, and the sieving particle size is more than an hour, the nutrient blocking effect on the stainless steel screen will have a voting effect. The use of stainless steel meshes can easily lead to obstruction during use, for the following reasons: spherical particles are still materials with multiple contact points on the stainless steel meshes. In simple terms, the size of the contact plane or the surface of the object is large. There are many contact points; the impurity congestion of the filtering material is rich in many particles close to the mesh volume of the stainless steel screen. A simple understanding is that the diameter and volume of the filtered matter are almost the same, so it is easy to jam the mesh.

Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

The material has a fibrous material; there are many flaky particles; causing the stainless steel filter mesh to block. The thicker stainless steel sieve has a hole plan that is not reasonable and does not meet the requirements of upper, lower, and larger regulations, and the particles are stuck.

With stainless steel mesh belt as the carrier, the chain is driven, and the service life is long. It plays a great role in the food industry, chemical industry, and glass industry, but the mesh belt dryer has long and short lengths, small 1-2 meters, large The stainless steel mesh belt used by large-scale dryers is usually more than 2 meters wide, because the mesh belt has its own weight, plus the weight of the material. Even the best-density mesh belt specifications will bend toward the center. If it is a more common problem and a problem that customers are more concerned about, today we will explain the solution to this problem? Support wheels can be added according to environmental conditions. The support wheel can be fixed on the device, and the support wheel without a support frame can be directly used.

The stainless steel mesh belt rack reciprocates on the support wheel. If the support wheel cannot be fixed on the equipment, you can use a support wheel with a support frame, the support wheel is fixed on the support frame, and the stainless steel mesh belt frame reciprocates on the support wheel. Guide grooves can be used. The trough is composed of five parts: a side guide wall of standard length, and a guide trough connecting angle steel. Mounting screws, bottom slots, sliding assembly. The sliding assembly is divided into several types: nylon wheels, steel sliding plates, and plastic sliding plates. In this way, the guide grooves are divided into three types in response. Guide groove with nylon wheel, guide groove with steel skid plate, guide groove with plastic skid plate 3. If the environment does not permit the use of the above two types of support, you can use the built-in reinforcement bar situation.