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What Are the Benefits of Display Printing?

May. 22, 2020

With the boosting demand for the published issues, a lot of spot shades, and also transition colors in the published matter, in addition to the high-precision needs of consumers for published patterns, the standard screen printing process has actually been incapable to meet the demands of the market. Display printing Compared to various other printing methods, benefits of display printing has 4 elements:

① display printing adaptability. Print, letterpress, gravure 3 printing methods usually can only print on a flat substrate. The display printing can not just print on the airplane, you can additionally bend, round as well as concave and also convex printing on the substratum. On the other hand, screen printing can not just print on hard items, yet also print on soft things despite the appearance of the substratum. Furthermore, screen printing along with direct printing, however additionally can be used according to the requirement for the indirect printing approach of printing, which is first screen printing in gelatin or silicone version and then transferred to the substratum. So we can state that display printing versatility, a vast array of applications.

② thick ink layer, solid sense of three-dimensional appearance abundant balanced out as well as embossing ink layer density is normally 5 microns, gravure is about 12 microns, flexographic (aniline) printing ink layer thickness of 10 microns, and display printing Ink layer thickness much surpasses the thickness of the ink layer, typically as much as 30 microns. Printed circuit board with a thick screen printing, ink layer density up to 1000 microns. Printed Braille dots with foamed ink, foamed ink layer thickness up to 1300 microns. Screen printing ink thick, abundant print top quality, a strong sense of three-dimensional, which is other printing techniques can not be contrasted. Screen printing can not just monochrome printing, however also for color and display shade printing.

③ light fastness, bright color Display printing with leak attributes, so it can use a variety of inks as well as finishings, not only can use the slurry, adhesives and various pigments, you can additionally use the crude fragments of pigment. In addition, the screen printing ink deployment method is basic, for instance, can place the light-resistant pigment straight right into the implementation of ink, which is one more major feature of display printing. Screen printing products have a great advantage in lightfastness. The method has actually revealed that by using black ink in a layered paper after an optimum gauged density array for comparison, balance out 1.4, embossing 1.6, gravure 1.8, and also display printing the optimum thickness variety As much as 2.0, so screen printing products lightfastness than other sorts of published products, lightfastness, more suitable for exterior advertising and marketing, signs use.

Screen Printing Screens

Screen Printing Screens

④ large present printing area General balanced out printing, letterpress as well as various other printing techniques of publishing the dimension of the biggest area for the entire Zhang size, greater than the full dimension, mechanical as well as mechanical restraints. The screen printing can be large-area printing, the largest display printing items today up to 3 m × 4 m, or perhaps bigger.

what are the benefits of screen printing? The above 4 factors are the distinction between display printing and other printing, but additionally the features and also the benefits of screen printing. Recognize the qualities of display printing, select the printing technique, you can prevent weak points, highlighting the advantages of screen printing, in order to accomplish an extra optimal printing outcome.

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