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T-shirt printing technology sharing

Dec. 03, 2019

T-shirt drawing (picture drawing) is divided into automatic drawing and forced drawing. Automatic drawing is mainly used to produce product T-shirts. The painter carries forward one-sided ideas without any restrictions. Any object on the foundation and any graphic art method can be used to create T-shirt drawings. Forced drawing mainly refers to the conceptual drawing of advertising T-shirts, travel T-shirts, commemorative T-shirts, etc., which must be bound, and must be carried out under the constraints of reaching a certain purpose.

In order to depict T-shirts, it is first necessary to grasp the base technology of T-shirt printing, and also to know the printing skill level of the producer and the T-shirt printing equipment used. For example, T-shirts with colorful fabrics have always been printed with water-based glue coatings, graphic polyester printing mesh, but if the producer has mastered the production skills of thermoset plastic printing inks and has installed corresponding equipment (mainly T-shirt printing machines, infrared dryers, Infrared T-shirt oven, etc.), he was able to use thermoset ink to print and process colorful fabric T-shirts. However, the glue printing and the thermoset ink printing have different requirements for picture depiction. The glue can only be used for simple color block picture printing, and the thermosetting ink can use the screen transition tone printing, not only in white T-shirts. It can be screen-printed in primary colors and spot-colored on dark T-shirts. If the picture drawn by the painter is inconsistent with the skills and craftsmanship grasped by the producer, the printed picture will not achieve the purpose and function of the painter's own creation, or even the foundation cannot be printed. Therefore, the T-shirt painter must be a skilled master of the T-shirt printing process, especially the excellent T-shirt painter will attach great importance to the development of the world's latest T-shirt printing and printing equipment and their technical characteristics in order to The fastest speed is to use the latest scientific and technological achievements to produce novel and unique T-shirts.

Polyester Bolting Cloth

Polyester Bolting Cloth

The colorful tone screen printing skills have been gradually selected in the international T-shirt printing in recent years. Now it is very convenient and cheap for us to make color separation and screen. This advancement is like printing from letterpress to offset printing in the printing industry. T-shirt painters get rid of the shackles of color block drawings (the glue is printed out), and they have greater creative space, whether it is for photos or painting. Still the inkjet effect can now be easily reproduced on T-shirts by adding screen printing skills, polyester printing mesh. This is the advancement of technology in this world. Together, it also puts forward a need for T-shirt painters to grasp digital skills.

However, the number of spot colors does not equal the number of colors in the drawing. Since spot colors can also be overprinted, five spot colors can also print six sets or even seven colors and eight colors. Spot color printing is mainly used for color block printing. Its reflection on natural phenomena can only be simulated rather than restored. This is the biggest difference from primary color printing. But with the development of screen printing skills and the development of new inks, spot color screen printing has emerged in recent years, especially in T-shirt printing. It is not a primary color printing but a spot color screen printing, that is, a multi-color spot color screen printing on a colorful, especially a black T-shirt.

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